About Us

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Professional and Expert Underfloor Heating Service

The most innovative heating solution for Kiwi homes

Warmstone underfloor heating uses the patented and most innovative heating material from Oriental Dream, the leader in the underfloor heating industry for more than 17 years in residential and commercial areas globally.

Our Core Values

To Customers

- Customized heating for residential and commercial space
- Affordable heating for everyone, Keeping kiwi homes warmer and healthier

To Business Partners

- Growing together, taking the first-mover advantage
- Highly competitive products
- Full training opportunities

To Communities

- Initiative of Keep Kiwi Kids Warm
- Support Communities For Warm Homes
- Lead People To Paddle Their Own Canoe By Job Training

Our Mission

To provide a sustainable, efficient, and safer alternative to keeping all kiwi homes warmer and healthier. Contact us for your free measure and quote.