Our Product

Our Product

Cotten-Mesh Carbon

Cotton-mesh Carbon underfloor heating is an innovative and unique heating material, reducing power usage and warming up the house quickly. It consists of a pure cotton-mesh fused with carbon in synthetic polymer resin. So, it radiants a large amount of far-infrared heat similar to sunshine. Cotton-mesh Carbon is an eco-friendly product designed for heating your home as well as apartments, hotels, and dormitories.

Product Specifications

Benefits of Cotton-Mesh Carbon Floor Heating

Safe Heating

Comfortable Heating

The use of ultra-low-power cotton mesh heating elements saves electric energy. It leads to a physiological reaction by the effect of far-infrared rays, such as sunlight that contains far-infrared rays of life. At the same time, it helps to perform circulation exercises for human health efficiently. Intentional use of far-infrared for heating can be a means to make space more comfortable with emotional heating

4 Steps of Installing Cotton-Mesh Carbon Underfloor Heating

Cotton-mesh carbon floor heating can be installed within one or two days and follows the procedure below: