Warmstone Underfloor Heating

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The Underfloor Heating Solution

for Family Lounge, Bedrooms & more.

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Most Innovative Heating Solution For Kiwi Homes.

A More Efficient Heating System
Save on the power bill and heat your home better and longer.
Reliable and Long Lasting
A reliable and long lasting system that can even increase your home value.
One-Stop-Shop Flooring
Get you underfloor heating, flooring, and wiring all done by us.

Not only for heating the surface, but the entire space.

Warmstone Underfloor Heating is not your traditional underfloor heating, this is for you to enjoy for the rest of your home. Heat from the ground up in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or anywhere else you’d like!


  • Heat from the ground up.
  • Get to ideal temperature quickly. 
  • Scheduled heating.
  • Maintain temperature all day.


Learn exactly why Warmstone offers the best solution for your homes heating.

Just to name a few...

Underfloor heating offers a consistent and comfortable warmth that blankets every corner of my home. No more cold spots – just pure coziness in every room.

Unlike conventional heating, Warmstone’s underfloor heating is remarkably efficient, leading to lower energy costs and a smaller environmental footprint.

Warmstone’s underfloor heating is especially advantageous for allergy sufferers, as it prevents the circulation of dust or allergens in the air, contributing to a cleaner and more comfortable environment.

Contrary to radiators and other heating methods, Warmstone’s underfloor heating remains unseen, freeing up valuable floor space. Enjoy the freedom to decorate your rooms without the constraints of radiator placement.

Installing Warmstone’s underfloor heating can elevate your home’s value, enhancing its appeal to potential buyers.

Say goodbye to...

Having Mould And Odour In The House
Condensation creates mould, causing skin irritation, asthma, bronchitis, or COPD. It can also give a bad odour.
Carpets Full Of Dust And Pet Hair
Carpets were essential before because of cold floors, but it’s not easy to clean and holds lots of dust, causing health concerns.
Uncomfortable Heating Costs
Your electricity bill from a heat pump, oil radiator, or heat panel during winter may get to an uncomfortable level.
High Humidity And Cold House​
If your home is highly damp, you may feel colder as the sensible house temperature can be lower than it is.
Vulnerability of Young Children Or Seniors
Kids and seniors immune is weaker than adults. Living in a cold house can cause health issues. Mould, hair and dust can also cause allergies.

Use As Your Primary Home Heat Source!

Not only is underfloor heating an efficient way of heating your home. It can also be your primary heat source.

Control with Precision.

Manage temperature, set schedules, and so much more with our Underfloor Heating controller which is wired up and good to go with any installation.

See the Process.

First we come in and level the floor surface, followed by laying down our insulation layer. Then is our carbon heating elements which wiring is embedded into the insulation layer below. Finally we install shielding and our flooring on top!

Learn more about Underfloor Heating

One-stop-shop Flooring.

Not only do we do all of the Underfloor Heating with all of the wiring, but also the flooring on top all ready to move in!

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New Zealand's winter is wet and cold, but we had been so warm in the last winter since we have installed Warmstone underfloor heating. If you set a temperature, it keeps at that temperature, so my home is warm and dry without worrying about the electricity bills. So, I am very satisfied and feel like living in a Korean apartment. It is perfectly recommended.
Hee Jung
Not only does it provide a consistent and comfortable temp throughout my living space, but has also improved the efficiency of my power usage. I've experienced a new level of comfort during the colder months, and I appreciate how well it maintains it's warmth. It's a game-changer for anyone looking to enhance their home's comfort while also being mindful of energy consumption.
AUCKLAND Homeowner

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Get in touch with us and we'll come back to you with all of the information you'll need!