The Most Innovative Heating Solution for Kiwi Homes

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The Most Innovative Heating Solution for Kiwi Homes

Warmstone underfloor heating uses the patented and most innovative heating material from Oriental Dream, the leader in the underfloor heating industry for more than 17 years in residential and commercial areas globally.

Our mission is to provide sustainable, efficient, and effective heating solutions to keep all Kiwi homes warmer and healthier.

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Why is Warmstone Underfloor Heating the Most Efficient?

Underfloor heating has been invented and developed for over 2000 years and modified the way of sourcing energy from wood fire to electricity for modern lifestyles. The underfloor heating system manages and converts vertical heat energy into horizontal (under the floor), keeping the floor and the air warmer and longer.

Warmstone underfloor heating has developed the traditional underfloor heating mechanism into a new modern lifestyle providing warm and cozy heating for your family. 

Warmstone import, distribute, and install innovative Cotton-Mesh Carbon underfloor heating for residential and commercial areas.


Residential Floor Heating

Warmstone Ltd. offer customized, comfortable, and cozy heating to fit into your family lounge, bedrooms, and living rooms.


Commercial Floor Heating

Commercial Floor Heating: Hotel, motel, dormitories, and classrooms can now have efficient, clean, and safe heating for customers and students.


Local Installation Contractor

Warmstone Ltd is expanding fast and planning to cover nationwide as demand arises. We are looking for contractors, flooring installers, builders, and developers to form a solid alliance.


Social Contribution

Our goal is to keep Kiwi homes warmer and healthier, and this also applies to people who need help. We welcome volunteers to help the underprivileged stay in warm places. Warmstone Ltd would also like to offer free training to the underprivileged to help them stand on their own feet. 

Who Needs Underfloor Heating?​

High Humidity and Cold House​

If your home has high damps from outside or ground, you may feel colder as the sensible house temperature can be lower than it is. ​

Want To Get Rid of Carpets for Dust and Pet Hair

Many people do not want to have carpets in their houses because of dust, odor, and pet hair. The carpet was essential flooring material before because of the cold floor, but it’s not easy to clean and holds lots of dust, causing health concerns, especially for seniors and young children.

Having Moulds and Odour In the House​

Damps and condensation create moulds, causing skin irritation, asthma, bronchitis, or COPD. It also gives a bad smell.

Living with Young Children or/and Seniors

you may have concerns for respiratory disease? Young children and seniors’ immunization is weaker than healthy adults. Living in a wet and cold house can cause health issues. Moulds, pet hairs, and dust can also cause allergies.

Uncomfortable Heating Costs

Your electricity bill from a heat pump, oil radiator, or heat panel during Winter may give you economic burdensome

Commercial Properties

(Senior Village, Kindies, Hotel, Motel, and School Dormitories) - Warmstone underfloor heating is suitable for these commercial properties to manage floor temperature and room air temperature independently and uniformed room temperature. You can control the temperature of each room or sections from the central office.

Comprehensive Solutions for the Above Concerns

Underfloor heating lowers overall home heating costs. for example, the power consumption is only 105watt/㎡on average. , meaning 12㎡ bedroom costs $23/hour and 30㎡ family room costs $0.58/hour.
* Based on 80% of floor heating coverage ratio ($0.23/kw/hr)
Size Power 6 hours/day 30 days
Family Lounge 30㎡ (5m x 6m) $0.58/hour $3.48 $104.40
Bedroom 1 20㎡ (4m x 5m) $0.39/hour $2.34 $70.20
Bedroom 2 12㎡ (3m x 4m) $0.23/hour $1.38 $41.40
Besides, warm air from the heat pump disappears rapidly once you open the window for fresh air (inefficient), but the already warmed floor by the underfloor heating recaptures the room air temperature quickly, keeping the room warmer.

Warm air goes up, and cool air goes down. That’s a natural phenomenon. When your foot is warm, your entire body feels warmer. That’s why underfloor heating is an ideal body-friendly heating system.

Ideal Heating

People who want to live in comfortable and cozy warm, and dry homes. Warmstone underfloor heating combats dampness and condensation, and by doing so, reduces the chance of mould in the house. Warm and dry homes are essential to support good health. It is particularly important for people living with chronic lung conditions (such as asthma or bronchitis, or COPD) or muscular-skeletal conditions (such as rheumatoid arthritis). To create a warm, dry environment, we recommend removing carpets/heat pumps and installing Warmstone underfloor heating with dust-free materials like laminated or engineered wood flooring. 

Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

"This is an excellent product. I want to start my review off by saying that this is not a product that I would typically buy for myself.

I was impressed right off the bat with how sturdy flooring heating was. It feels very sturdy like it is made with high-quality materials. I am glad that it came with laminate flooring.

Overall, this is an excellent product.
After use, the heating flooring still looks new and works wonderfully.

Great product! And I plan on recommending it to all of my neighbours."

Daniel Kim

- Rosedale, Auckland

New Zealand's winter is wet and cold, but we had been so warm in the last winter since we have installed Warmstone underfloor heating. If you set a temperature, it keeps at that temperature, so my home is warm and dry without worrying about the electricity bills. So, I am very satisfied and feel like living in a Korean apartment. It is perfectly recommended.
Hee Jung
- Henderson, Auckland
Before I got the flooring done it was really stuffed in my room when I put the heater on for winter. But after I got the flooring it felt as if the heat was meant to be there. I really love the color and the feeling of my floor. I give a huge thanks to my parents who bought me the floor. I give it a 5 star if I could
Hanah Lee
- Te Atatu, Auckland
The air get refreshed, and I love how the temperature got warmer After we got this amazing floor heating system. Also It feels like Rhinitis has been improved, in addition, electricity bill is not bad!.
- Whangaparaoa, Auckland