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Underfloor Heating

underfloor heating

The Benefits

High Humidity And Cold House​
If your home is highly damp, you may feel colder as the sensible house temperature can be lower than it is.
Having Moulds And Odour In The House​
Condensation creates mould, causing skin irritation, asthma, bronchitis, or COPD. It can also give a bad odour.
Uncomfortable Heating Costs
Your electricity bill from a heat pump, oil radiator, or heat panel during winter may get to an uncomfortable level.
Carpets Full Of Dust And Pet Hair
Carpets were essential before because of cold floors, but it’s not easy to clean and holds lots of dust, causing health concerns.
Living With Young Children Or Seniors
Children and seniors immunisation is weaker than healthy adults. Living in a cold house can cause health issues. Moulds, pet hairs and dust can also cause allergies.

Power Consumption: Save Your Money

Have a look at how Warmstone Underfloor Heating can save you money! The below graph includes data from a 12m² bedroom based on 80% of floor heating ratio and $0.23/kwh.

Portable Heaters (2.5kw)
Warmstone Underfloor Heating (1.06kw)
Frame 6
Typical Central Heating
Uneven & Inefficient heating
Frame 7
Radiant Underfloor Heating
Even & Effective Heating

A Better Alternative

Underfloor Heating generates heat from the ground up keeping a more consistent temperature throughout your home and body.

1. Cotton Weaving

2. Carbon Fusing

3. Vacuum Molding

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Get the all-in-one service with Underfloor Heating + Flooring.

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New Zealand's winter is wet and cold, but we had been so warm in the last winter since we have installed Warmstone underfloor heating. If you set a temperature, it keeps at that temperature, so my home is warm and dry without worrying about the electricity bills. So, I am very satisfied and feel like living in a Korean apartment. It is perfectly recommended.
Hee Jung
Not only does it provide a consistent and comfortable temp throughout my living space, but has also improved the efficiency of my power usage. I've experienced a new level of comfort during the colder months, and I appreciate how well it maintains it's warmth. It's a game-changer for anyone looking to enhance their home's comfort while also being mindful of energy consumption.
AUCKLAND Homeowner

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Get in touch with us and we'll come back to you with all of the information you'll need!